Until the dam is fixed,

(tentative date right now is est. August 20),

we will not be shooting photos.




If there is a large and long rain stretch that raises the water, we will post that we are shooting.

Here’s to hoping it rains and they fix the dam soon!! And that by next year all is back to normal <3

*fingers crosssed*


The calendar at the bottom of our site is technically accurate but check the levels as always, right now it is very summer low low low when they release the 1 turbine. If ever unsure about things call the dam (link at bottom of site)

Photos are fully available

within 24 hours after

end of release

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See calendar below for release dates for when and we will be out there shooting all y’all wonderful faces! 🙂


For details about rapids click HERE


Times noted on calendar are RELEASE times, not when you should be putting on.

10:00 Releases:

Put-on between
12:00pm – 2:30pm

11:00 Releases

Put-on between
1:00pm – 3:30pm

Always keep an eye out for the bubble!

(If its getting excessively shallow and rocky or you are quite a bit ahead of ahead of PRE, slow down a bit)


click release time on calendar to see put on times as well

All releases are subject to lake
level conditions
Check Rules Band link, if lake is
not within the two lines there will not be a release.
All releases add about 650CFS to
the natural flow

Level Calculator

Info on releases:

Upper Yough Releases


Gauley Season Release Schedule