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For any river guides, video boaters, safety boaters, kayak instructors, etc*:



*Must have worked the 2023 season.


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*See calendar below for release dates and when we will be out there shooting all y’all wonderful faces! 🙂



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Make sure you always go through all the albums! We try to capture unique angles, play, portrait shots, etc. be sure to sift through everything ^-^

All stores only bundle items on that ONE day, whether per album or per day pricing.

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The memorial video for Tommy Piros made for his service is on our youtube channe  for everyone everywhere to remember Tommy who could not make it to his funeral service.

Or if you just want to remember him and be inspired by this fireball of a local paddler!

Happy Birthday Tommy <3 We love and miss you and wish you could be out there with us.


For Tommy.


​A well loved and known Upper Yough local and long time paddler, friend of UYP and many others around here, loved by so many friends and family, Tommy Piros has passed from a tragic accident July 18, 2023


We want to help out any way we can, so for anyone willing to donate and/or at least share this GoFundMe his sister has created to go towards Tommy’s funeral arrangements and everything else…

We are donating a portion of our sales profits from the UY race and past  weekend.

Let’s continue the stoke out there.

Paddle for Tommy <3


If you have any photos or videos that you would like to share, please add them to his memorial album set up by Immersion Research. We will be pulling some photos and video for his memorial movie as well as printed album for his family.

Memorial Album

4:04pm, July 22nd 2023
Our forever designated time for Tommy.
Let yourself feel that never ending stoke.





We shot photos of the 7-2-23

Savage release

Photos were taken between 12:30-2:15

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Private Paddlers

Wilderness Voyageurs

Precision Rafting

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Guide store*

*For currently working and employed upper yough guides/safety boaters only

Discounted photos for those rad river guides, safety boaters, and photo boaters!

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Times noted on calendar are RELEASE times, not when you should be putting on.

10:00 Releases

Put-on between

12:00pm – 2:00pm*


11:00 Releases

Put-on between

1:00pm – 3:00pm*

*Always keep an eye out for the bubble,

If it seems really bouldery, or you pass Precision Rafting, you are probably ahead of it. The river will get really choked up.


Click the button to add the release calendar and event info to yours!

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Info of releases retrieved from here
All releases are subject to lake level conditions

Check Rules Band link, if lake is not within the two lines there will not be a release.

Rule Band

All releases add about 650CFS to the natural flow

River Level Calculator


Things to look forward to! ^_^

June 17

Hosted by The Eddyline, LLC

the first annual upper yough downriver rodeo 

Click here for the Event Page

July 22

Hosted by immersion research

2023 Upper yough race


September 11 – 15

yough week! weehoo!!

The week before GAULEYFEEEST come hang out and party all week!!


(Be silly crazy and safe y’all<3)


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About uS

We are two ladies who wanted to capture photos of all the awesome people who get out there on the Upper Yough. We created Upper Yough Photo a month before the first release of the season in 2021, and the success that followed is thanks to all of the cool folks who love the Upper Yough as much as we do!


Thanks to everyone who has supported our business and we are excited to see you out there on the water!


Keep a lookout for us out there on the rocks!


Art, kayaking, graphic design, and just generally getting outside time have always been a main focus of my life. Photography was in line with those interests, as well as a tool for keeping memories. I was that person always taking pictures growing up.

I am super glad that I get to capture the river memories for those people that come down the river so they can see themselves out there enjoying the day!



Photography was my first love and then I discovered kayaking. Finding a way to combine those two things and share it with the community on one of my favorite rivers in the world has been one of the most fun and rewarding things I have ever done.


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For details about rapids click HERE

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