Release Calendar and River Info


Most people meet at takeout first since its right off of route 68, then drive everything to the put-in.



279 Maple St, Friendsville, MD 21531



At the highway bridge (there is a dirt path visible) OR at WV.



*The take-out is in the small quiet town of Friendsville that has allowed us to also use this space for the river. Change in the changing rooms if you can, or be very discreet with changing robes etc.

Park in gravel ideally. When parking in the grass be gentle and don’t tear it up.

We all like to hang out at the end of the day, jus  always remember to be smart and respectful to the locals! <3

Try not to park in the grass unless the lot is full.*



AWA Upper Yough Put-in Parking LoT

Sang Run Rd, McHenry, MD 21541

*Park in gravel ideally. When parking in the grass be gentle and don’t tear it up.*



*NO CAMPING at either Put-in nor Takeout.

For places to stay while in town please click below for a jumping off point:

Places to Stay

Times noted on calendar are RELEASE times, not when you should be putting on.

Water reaches put-in 2 hours after release typically. The speed of this changes depending on natural flow.

10:00 Releases

Put-on between

12:15pm – 2:00pm*


11:00 Releases

Put-on between

1:15pm – 3:00pm*

If you put on earliest time, take your time, or you will pass the bubble. If you put on the latest time, watch for dropping water! 


*Always keep an eye out for the bubble*

If it seems really bouldery, or you pass Precision Rafting, you are probably ahead of it. The river will get really choked up.

Info of releases retrieved from Safewaters, Deep Creek:
Offical Release Schedule

All releases are subject to lake level conditions

Check Rules Band link, if lake is not within the two lines there will not be a release.

Rule Band

All releases add about 650CFS to the natural flow

River Level Calculator


Things to look forward to! ^_^

Sat July 13

Sat July 20

Fri July 26

Jr women’s

upper yough race training

The #mostimportantraceoftheyear is upon us! 🔥For the 2024 Upper Yough Race, we are making a big push for the first EVER Jr. Women’s Class!

To make this a reality, Maddie Kimmel, @karadub69 and more local legends are going to be coaching 3 FREE race clinics for the Jr. Women leading up to the race!

Thanks to @callevariverschool a shuttle from the DC area to Friendsville will be provided for those who need it. Otherwise, meet at the Upper Yough Takeout.

Participants must register beforehand and are encouraged to participate in one, two, or all three clinics. The content of these clinics will build on each other and we hope by the last clinic to put down some race times. Each clinic is capped at 10 spots so, GROMS sign up ASAP!

July 27

Hosted by immersion research

2024 Upper yough race


Sept 16 – 20

yough week!

The week before GAULEYFEEEST! Enjoy time with all your visiting friends on our spectacular section of river <3 Stay safe, have fun, be respectful of each other, the town, and the river!!!


For details about rapids:
Click Here
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